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What is the sound of Southern Moravia? What are the sound messages of the South Moravia fauna in the air? How does the dawn chorus sound from the highest places of South Moravia and how does it sound in the lowlands at the confluence of Dyje and Morava? What kind of sound is inside an anthill or underwater in the wetlands?

These questions are answered by in the form of an interactive sound map. Close your eyes and listen to the sound scenery beneath the water, or relax with singing birds of the floodplain forest. These are the soundscapes of South Moravia.

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Contributors is open to all wildlife field recordists from all over the world

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Odkazy na stránky, které mohou být pro zkoumání a přemýšlení o zvukovém prostředí inspirativní.

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Tomáš Šenkyřík (CZ) is a musicologist with interest in field recordings. He is interested in acoustic ecology and discovering musical structures in nature. He is fascinated in finding musical qualities in dialogues between natural and unnatural sounds. He likes listening to nature without noise pollution, especially fragile and quiet sounds. From 1999-2008 he worked in the Museum of Romani culture as an ethnomusicologist.  He is a member of Skupina, an artist group interested in field-recordings, soundscape, oral & aural history, and acoustic ecology.

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