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What is the sound of Southern Moravia? What are the sound messages of the South Moravia fauna in the air? How does the dawn chorus sound from the highest places of South Moravia and how does it sound in the lowlands at the confluence of Dyje and Morava? What kind of sound is inside an anthill or underwater in the wetlands?

These questions are answered by in the form of an interactive sound map. Close your eyes and listen to the sound scenery beneath the water, or relax with singing birds of the floodplain forest. These are the soundscapes of South Moravia.

How does a sound map work?

Within the defined territory of the South Moravian Region you will find square icons on the map. Click randomly on one of them. A photo window will open. Here you will find a description of the specific sound and you can play it. It is the sound that has been captured at the location and has been inserted into the map according to GPS. In the photo window you can find:

1) A photo of the species which dominates the recording (bird, insect, etc.)
2) A detailed description of the recording
3) A spectral view of the recording

Soundscapes tell us a story from a given place. Every place in the world has a unique sound mark. The diversity of the natural beauty of South Moravia is fascinating. This is due to the geographical location of the region. From the west to the north you can find Czech Vysočina. In the East, the White Carpathians are located with remnants of beech forests and unilateral meadows. In the South, the warmest part of the Czech Republic , are elements of warm, sunny steppes, floodplain forests with significant species of animals and plants.

All of this is also a source of unique soundscapes that try to present this project with a sound map. We want to contribute to a deeper understanding of South Moravia. The core of the sound database are the Dawn Chorus recordings. The Dawn Chorus is a sound message that is spreading throughout the globe as a planetary song, gradually, as it travels with the sunrise. On every continent, country, or place, singing dawns are different. They reveal a distinctive sound identity of the place.

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