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February - May 2019
GPS: 49.0385267N, 16.6117261E

This year, various circumstances did not allow me to be able to record in more distant places from my home in early spring. Because the dawn chorus is a unique listening experience in early spring. I decided to continually record soundscapes in my garden during this spring. The garden is located just behind the house and is located in a relatively quiet neighborhood, there are no cars and no industry.  

I started to recording from February and continued until May. Thanks to the regularity of recording and deep listening I had the opportunity to notice how the sound environment of the garden has changed over spring time. Careful listening and observation also revealed the biodiversity of our garden. I counted quite a lot of bird species from great tits, march tits, woodpeckers, eurasian jays, eurasian nuthatches, european bee-eater to hawfinches etc. Village gardens, where farmed "normally" non-chemically reportedly become a paradise especially for birds, which in areas where chemistry rules and is dead, can no longer live peacefully.  

Then I noticed one more thing. With every slightest intervention (I mean in a positive sense) we influence the soundscape in our gardens, in our environment. These can be hanging booths, feeders, a pile of branches to be dried (with which I hardly said goodbye at the end of the summer), a small pond from an old tub with aquatic plants, etc. In this sense, "garden repairs" are also beneficial. For example, if we give up the struggle with nature for a perfect English lawn and let the grass grow a little more around the trees. These are actually instruments with which we compose sound in our gardens. Consequently, we positively and naturally influence in what sound environment we will live. 

And why do I write it and praise the sound? Sound is a medium that can stimulate emotions, is closely linked to memory. Sound can tell much more about a particular environment than a picture or a photo. Every place in the world has its own unique soundmark. With the open senses, we find that fascinating natural sound adventures begin just beyond the doors of our homes. 

The recording from period (February-May 2019) you can listen here.

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