Tomáš Šenkyřík (CZ) is a musicologist with interest in field recordings. He is interested in acoustic ecology and discovering musical structures in nature. He is fascinated in finding musical qualities in dialogues between natural and unnatural sounds. He likes listening to nature without noise pollution, especially fragile and quiet sounds. From 1999-2008 he worked in the Museum of Romani culture as an ethnomusicologist.  He is a member of Skupina, an artist group interested in field-recordings, soundscape, oral & aural history, and acoustic ecology.

Ethnomusicologist’s projects:
“Gila, Djila, Gilora” collection of old gypsy songs - Museum of Romani Culture (2001)
“To jsou těžké vzpomínky” collection of gypsy holocaust songs – MRC (2014)

Net label releases:
H2O, compilation - Sonic Field (2015)
Open the window, compilation - Linear Obsessional London (2015)
Earth (listening), compilation - Sonospace label (2016)

Flash disk release:
Hrklávka album - Skupina (2016)

Sound installation:
Lignite clouds for The hole gallery Prague - with Peter Cusack (2015)

Radio and electroacoustic music:
“Dear Kitty” for Czech Radio and Deutschland Radio Kultur (2006)
“Písně královny Abizag” for Czech radio (1997, 2015)

Theatre, ballet pieces:
“2010” The first performance in Skopje - Macedonian Opera and Ballet (2005)
“Flat No. 50” for Theatre of SEAD Salzburg (2005)
“Vandrovali hudci“ for Next step festival - theatre Republic, Salzburg (2007)
“18 Jeruzalémů” for children choir in Vaňkovka Gallery Brno (2008)
“Očištění” theatre DISK, Prague (2010)

CD releases:
“Cymbelin” album of contemporary folk songs - Indies Records (1998)
“Cymbelin Kolem osy” album of contemporary folk songs - Indies Records (2001)
“Cymbelin Těba” album of contemporary folk songs - Indies Scope (2005)
“Znění z mezí” compilation of Czech experimental composers - His voice (2009)
"I vši", album - Indies Happy Trails (2014) 
 "V.A. – Sensing Electromagnetics", compilation, LOM (2016)